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Sports, Recreation

Sport clubs

TJ Spartak
Phone: 494 667 300
TJ Sokol
Address: Kupkovo náměstí 134
Phone: 494 668 327

Contact: Petr Dvořák
E-mail: fotbal.opocno@centrum.cz
Phone: 737 359 507

tennis playground Tennis
Contact: Miloš Březovský
E-mail: brezovsky@tiscali.cz
Phone: 605 717 042
Opočno ice hockey hall aerial view aerial view Ice Hockey Club (in Czech)
Ice rink, Sportovní klub HC Opočno (in Czech)
Address: Pohořská ulice
Phone: 494 668 394
Open for public: November - April, We, Sat, Sun (afternoon, time varies)
Entry fee: 10 - 15 Kč / 2 hrs. (2004)
Whole ice-rink reservation on demand
Orienteering running
Address: Boris Tichý, Mírová 642
Phone: 723 906 481
E-mail: dob@vco-ob.cz
The club has about 50 members (2005) from Dobruška, Opočno, and surrounding villages.
Almost every year issues a new orienteering map and prepares some competitions.
Orienteering running
Climbing Group HO HOLLY
Phone: 608 883 339, Josef Roubal, 608 230 059, Petr Vosáhlo
E-mail: holly-opocno@email.cz
The club has about 10 members (2009).
Horolezecký oddíl HOLLY

Association of dog keepers

Address: Lišťovina, kynologické cvičiště (training facility)
Training time: Wednesdays and Sundays morning (from 8 AM)
Facts: founded 1992, 55 members
Chief Miloš Čejka, trainers Jiří Kubeš and Zdena Váňová


Broumar logo swimming pools swimming pools Swimming pools
Address: Koupaliště Na Broumaře
Phone: 494 668 309, cell: 725 796 345
E-mail: info@broumar.cz
Open: May - September, 10-19 (weekends 9-19).
Entry fee 2017: 50/30/25 Kč.
2 swimming pools (50 m for swimmers and small for children). Unfortunately, bathing dress is required.
Refreshment, boats on hire (pond Broumar), playgrounds
Near a camp. camp
* Not dressed bathing, FKK
If you prefer bathing and sunbathing without any dress, there are several outdoor recreation areas near Opočno:
Týniště nad Orlicí - camp U Dubu (17 km), with N-part of the official beach.
Large water reservoir Rozkoš (17 km), with several unofficial beaches.
Former sand quarry north of village Rusek (25 km), with several unofficial beaches.
More localities, where bathing without a dress is tolerated, can be found at the map of FKK beaches in the Czech Republic.
Jogging paths:
Besides other marked tourist paths, these are suitable for recreation running,and, of course, for walking, too.
  1. Opočno - Dobruška (3 km (one way), surface material: mostly asphalt.)
  2. Around lake Broumar (3.6 - 4.2 km. Surface material: mostly natural. Especially the shorter version may be sludgy in rainy days.) Nice in Winter when frozen.
  3. In Obora (5.2 km, open 8 AM - 4 PM. Surface material: 2/3 asphalt, 1/3 gravel. Two entrance gates, see the map. Suitable at any weather conditions)
skating on Broumar If weather conditions are appropriate, free skating on the pond Broumar is a beautiful experience.

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