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information center
  O P E N
(break 11.30-12 AM)
Mon - FriSat - Sun
  September - April8 AM - 5 PM -
  May - October8 AM - 5 PM10 AM - 4 PM
In the town hall building by the bus stops on the main square, Kupkovo náměstí 247, phone 494 668 111 and 725 701 820, fax 494 667 848, e-mail
Free Opočno maps, information leaflets, culture program, tickets reservation.
Public Internet, printing and copy service for a small fee.

Opočno Nature Trails legend Opočno-Centrum Nature Trails map Opočno Nature Trails map

Opočno Nature Trails

There are three nature trails marked around the town Opočno.
The information boards on the trails are in Czech. Other languages printed guides are available for free in the Tourist Information Center.

Besides the three nature trails there are two tourist paths marked through Opočno:
Detailed tourist maps are located at the main square (Kupkovo náměstí) and by the pond Broumar, but good idea is to choose your own map from several editors in scales 1:50000 to 1:100000, available in book stores, newspaper stands, tourist information centres, etc.

Travel Agency MARIN

Address: Nádražní ulice 167, Phone: 494 667 848
Open: Mon-Fri: 9-11:30 and 12-17

Travel Agency T Split Tour

Address: Kupkovo náměstí 137, Phone: 723 336 908

Travel Agency CKL

Address: Kupkovo náměstí, Phone: 494 621 072, 605 521 736


railway station Opočno České dráhy - Czech Railways (station = nádraží)
Opočno railway station name is Opočno pod Orlickými horami - not only Opočno.
Phone: 494 668 109, map
There is a through train to/from Prague.
train On-line timetable for trains and buses
railway station Opočno

lime alley to Opočno Regular bus lines
Besides local connections there is also a direct line to Prague.
bus On-line timetable for trains and buses
lime alley to Opočno
EuroOil Opočno filling station
EuroOil Opočno

biker Surroundings


OPOČNO - history

Castle - winter panorama

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