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Small brass band Opocenka was founded in 1974. During decades of its activity many good musicians have been participating, but nobody of its founders is playing with the band now (2004). The band currently incorporates 13 musicians, 3 singers and an acoustics technician.

The guarantor of Opocenka top quality was its founding bandmaster Mr. Karel Psenicny. He was born in nearby village Prepychy, became director of Prague Garisson Music and wrote or adapted many compositions still performed by Opocenka, amusing its favourers.

Current brass band's repertoir consists mainly of classical folk songs, but thanks to present bandmaster's adaptations also compositions hardly having anything in common with a band of this style. Thus on the concert one can listen to compositions of classical old masters, dance music, music of the sixties of the Beatles, ABBA and other.

Opocenka presents its art not only in Opocno, but also in other places of our country and even abroad. It reguralry receives invitations to brass bands' musical festivals, eg. "Kmochuv Kolin (Kmoch's Kolin)", "Zlata Kridlovka (The Golden Trumpet)" in Hodonin, or "Polkafest" in Litomerice (2001 winner). In 1984 Opocenka recorded its first LP in studios of Hradec Kralove and during 1995- 1998 in studios of Czech Radio Brno next two MCs and CDs. The band presented its qualities also in television performances "S Moravenkou u Fleku", "Priste u vas" and "Sejdeme se na Vlachovce".

To its favourers Opocenka wishes only the most enjoyable experience of its music.

cell phone
bandmaster: Ing. Vaclav Leps
Jiraskova 514, 517 73 Opocno
(+420) 603 834 443
(+420) 494 667 332
manager: Jiri Novotny
Nadrazni 625, 517 73 Opocno
(+420) 723 273 893
(+420) 494 668 361