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Mikuláš (Jr.) Trčka from Lípa and on Lichnice who had held Opočno since 1495 was already old when he married Kateřina from Šelmberk and on Kost. His wife was only seventeen, but her father decided to marry her with rich nobleman Mikuláš. Unfortunately Mikuláš did not stay at home very often, he neglected his wife, and moreover, he was extremely jealous.
A young yeomen Šárovec made love to Kateřina, supported by Kateřina's nurse. When Mikuláš was told about this, he was harsh in his judgment. Yeomen Šárovec was executed by a sword, his wife's nurse by fire. And he decided that Kateřina shall be immured alive in cellar of Opočno castle.
In 19th century priests Jan Karel Rojek and Josef Mnohoslav Roštlapil searched in archives about history of the castle, and they found among other materials also the entry about Kateřina. During reconstruction work on the castle they asked the workers to watch carefully at signs of immuration and asked to be called immediately in such case. Workers after some time really found a space in the wall, and inside a skeleton dressed in medieval costume, fastened to a chair. But as curious workers touched the finding, everything fell into dust.

Black Mary Legend

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