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Official Emblem O P O C N O

Opocno is quite a small town in size, but pretty huge in cultural meaning. There is a big castle of the Colloredo-Mansfeld noble family and many tourists come in the summer months to see it. The town is situated in eastern Bohemia.
Surrounding countryside has a hilly atmosphere of low mountains covered with forests and is very suitable for trips and camping throughout the year.
Close to the town there is a large pond called Broumar, suitable for windsurfing, boating or fishing. It is not clean enough for swimming. Fortunately, there are nice clean swimming pools close to it.
pond Broumar



Opocno in Radio Prague 22-09-2004 (off-line mirror)
About the town Opocno (with aerial photo) - in English, German, Czech
Territorial Register
Register of towns

Page illustrating development of Opocno maps.


Satellite view - Click to aerial view of 1992, 2002, or 2005
Topographic map
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orienteering Orienteering map OPOCNO SVAMBERK, 1:5000, 2005, including the chateau and its gardens orienteering

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