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Climate in Opočno

Mild warm, slightly wet environment.
Average temperature7.5°C
Average year precipitations600-650 mm
Summer days
max. temperature > 25°C
Freezing days
min. temperature < -0.1°C
Frosty Days
max. temperature < 0.1°C
Average month temperature   (max.   min.)
  - January  6.1°C   - 17.1°C
  - April22.1°C   - 3.2°C
  - July31.2°C   + 7.3°C
  - October21.2°C   - 2.3°C
Temperature in the vegetation period13.9°C
  - vegetation period385 mm
  - winter period289 mm
Days with > 1 mm precipitation115.8
Snow cover days
layer > 1 cm
Cloudy days110.0
Clear sky days 54.7

Actual weather forecast

Temperature in Opočno is usually a little lower than in the district capital:
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